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Crowded World


Day by day, mile by mile, the infrastructure is being laid. From east to west, pole to pole, Manchester to Malabar. Brand new possibilities, technologies and currencies.

The future is here... let's turn the world planet upside down and inside out, and then build it up again. We are Homeric heroes all, living in our own personal sagas. So let's scale the walls that enclose us, leap over the abyss... and soar into the citrine sky. We can do it together, just you and I.


CHINESE EXPLOIT architecture to enhance personal power and induce enlightenment. Marie Kondo says that cluttering robs you of your mental energy and clarity. ..

Feng Shui (Geomancy) | Postmodernism | Skyscrapers | (For more Architecture, )


Dating & Mating

Asian Dating | Indian Dating | (For more Mating & Dating, )


Kuala Lumpur Dining Challenge | Tokyo Food | (For more Dining, )

Grand Algorithm

Bitcoin Growth | (For more Grand Algorithm )

Health & Healing

GARLIC IS A powerful antioxidant, but not as powerful as glutathione. Silicon Valley whizkids microdose on LSD to boost their productivity. I prefer the 1:1 blend of THC and CBD, which might soon become available to me Cysteine could be useful too, down the distant track.

// Superfoods | (For more Health & Healing, )


Freelancing & Gig Economy | Work Abroad | (For more Jobs, )

Languages & Linguistics

YOU DON'T speak a language, a language speaks you. Language is like a virus, and it has a will to life just did like we do. There are many languages in this crowded world

Study English Online | Study English | (For more Languages & Linguistics, )


Mobile TV | Photo Galleries | (For more Media, )


PYTHAGORAS CLAIMED that music was mathematical, the expression of number in sound... Drum&Bass is here to show you the way, you just need to press play.

Drum&Bass | Icelandic Rokk | (For more Music, )

New Economy

THE WORLD is insolvent, and globalization is dead. Debt deflation is upon us. As Robert Kiyosaki says, Coronavirus has killed the old economy. Nonetheless, won't get rich by running your own business, either. To really get ahead, passive income is the name of the game... you need an investment stream. That said, debt is haram.

Cryptocurrencies | Debt Deflation | Teal-Coloured Organizations | (For more New Economy, )


EVERY ISM has been tried at a national level at some and found wanting, all except anarchism. It's time has come. The Hanseatic League is coming back!
Alt-Left | Alt-Right | Liquid Democracy | (For more Politics, )


WHEN SOMEBODY cracks, they crack along established faultlines.

Anxiety | (For more Psychology, )

Religion & Spirituality

THE UNIVERSE created itself by becoming self-conscious. Consciousness of consciousness beget duality, and then multiplicity. One-dimensional space became conscious of itself, and gave birth to the Second Dimension.

I WANT to build a synthesis of all the world's religions to... Buddhism, which arose out of Hinduism, negates that, saying anatman ("there is no soul"). We are conscious but that conscious is not out own.

Hinduism | Islam | (For more Religion & Spirituality, )


Ben Schappig rates one Starwood point as being worth 2.2 US cents, while Membership Rewards points are worth 1.7 cents each.

Coupon Deals | (For more Shopping, )


TECHNOLOGY HAS made the world a smaller place. But perhaps the world does not want to be small. Coronavirus is Nature's revenge. Slow travel is the way to go. ry I ever visited, and I doubt that I will ever experience culture shock as intense as that again, unless I somehow make it to subSaharan Africa.

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