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Crowded World


Day by day, mile by mile, the infrastructure is being laid. From east to west, pole to pole, Manchester to Malabar. Brand new possibilities, technologies and currencies.

The future is here... let's turn the world planet upside down and inside out, and then build it up again. We are Homeric heroes all, living in our own personal sagas. So let's scale the walls that enclose us, leap over the abyss... and soar into the citrine sky. We can do it together, just you and I.

Architecture & Art

CHINESE EXPLOIT architecture to enhance personal power and induce enlightenment. Marie Kondo says that cluttering robs you of your mental energy and clarity. I prefer to carry my home with me, tortoise-style, with a couple of choice micropossessions...

Feng Shui (Geomancy) | Postmodernism | Skyscrapers | (For more Architecture, )

Dating & Mating

AS LACAN wrote, love is giving what one does not have to someone who doesn't want it.
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WHEN I WAS a young boy growing up in Australia, I dreamed of being a science fiction writer in the vein of Robert Silverberg, HG Wells and Frank Herbert, and my stories from that style were in that traditional sci-fi style. Attending university in the early 1990s, I was exposed to postmodern authors and writers such as Thomas Pynchon, Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco.

First Contact is a short story and novella collection dating from 1989 to 2001. It is written in the style of a postmodern "pastiche": a work of art that imitates or borrows elements from a variety of different sources, in order to create a unique style or subvert the original meaning, make connections, and open a textual dialogue.

First Contact, a Short Story Anthology

Hip-hop, they say, is music about music. Quention Tarantino's films are movies about movies. The Cassius Croon Implosion takes it further: it is a graphic novel musical. When I first started it, the story was intended to be an alternative future. Now it has become an alternative past, or a mad flowering of alternative realities on a parallel brane.

Enter the Cassius Croon Implosion!

| The 70s Never Died, it Just Smells that Way | EgyptAir

Grand Algorithm

ONCE UPON a time, the price of Bitcoin doubled every year. While gains are not as stratospheric, they are still astronomical.

Agoraphobia Index | Bitcoin Growth | (For more Grand Algorithm )

Health & Healing

OMEGA THREE OILS are a powerful antioxidant, but not as powerful as glutamate. Melanin/melatonin is the fuel of the third eye, in other words the pineal gland. I prefer the 1:1 blend of THC and CBD, which might soon become available to me… .

Exercise | Superfoods | (For more Health & Healing, )


THE WAR between humans and Neanderthals was our first and most savage war...


THERE ARE two major migrations transforming the world this century. The first is the movement of labor from developing to developed countries. Less well known, however, is the countervailing current of digital workers and adventurers leaving the overpriced, over-regulated global north in search of the beaches and cheap rents of the global south. Indians want to relocate to the United States of America, while Americans want to retire in Bali or Chiang Mai.
Digital Nomads | Freelancing & Gig Economy | Working Abroad | (For more Jobs, )

Languages & Linguistics

YOU DON'T speak a language, a language speaks you. Language is like a virus, and it has a will to life just did like we do. There are many languages in this crowded world, and they are all crowded with meaning...

日本語を勉強 | Belajar Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia | læra Íslensku | Study English | (For more Languages & Linguistics, )


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PYTHAGORAS CLAIMED that music was mathematical, the expression of number in sound... Drum&Bass is here to show you the way, you just need to press play.

Drum&Bass | Icelandic Rokk | (For more Music, )

New Economy

THE OLD economy is insolvent, and globalization is dead. Currencies are deflating, apart from the US dollar, which is hyperinflating. Thankfully, a New Economy is arising, Hakim Bey-style, from cracks in the pavement of the old empire...

Cryptocurrencies | Debt Deflation | Teal-Coloured Organizations | (For more New Economy, )


EVERY ISM has been tried somewhere in the world, at some point in the past, and found wanting. Perhaps it is politics itself which is the problem, and instead of looking for another ideology, we should rather pursue anti-politics in the Nietzschean sense...
Alt-Left | Alt-Right | Liquid Democracy | Utopias | (For more Politics, )


THE FIRST and most important revolution is the inner one. Analyze yourself. When a person finally cracks, they crack along established faultlines.

Anxiety | Dreams | (For more Psychology, )

Religion & Spirituality

IN THE BEGINNING consciousness, which is Brahma, awakened from the quantum foam, the original Dreamtime. Looking at the kaleidoscope of scenes that swirled around Him, Brahma collapsed the wave function, and so the first narrative commenced. Looking at Himself, Brahma became self-aware. Consciousness of consciousness beget duality, and then multiplicity...

Hinduism | Islam | (For more Religion & Spirituality, )


IF YOU HAVE to buy something, buy an experience, instead of a commodity. Unlike material goods, experiences appreciate in value over time. I view shopping as a kind of investment: an investment in your own potential...

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TECHNOLOGY HAS made the world a smaller place, and I have benefitted from that. Unfortunately, the world does not want to be small. It resents being conquered, in fact. From this perspective, it clear that Coronavirus was Gaia's revenge... or at least a warning shot. But as my panic attacks have taught me, slow travel is permitted going forward...

Enter the Dark Continent! Enter the Exotic Orient!Enter Decolonized EuropeEnter the New World!Enter the Land Downunder!Enter Latin America!

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